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A single app that combines your photographs and videos with HERE location information to create a picture journey. When you take a photo or record a video, you can see precisely where it was taken on a familiar HERE map. See clusters of photos scattered across the globe and zoom in to an exact location. Plus, zoom out of any photo within the gallery to see where it was shot. You will also notice that your photos truly come live, the videos are played in-line, the action shots are beautifully animated, and the refocus effect is subtly played back to give the immersive feeling when browsing between the images.

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The Nokia Storyteller app for the Lumia also pulls in your pictures from SkyDrive and Facebook to help you relive your memories in new and exciting ways. Available for the Nokia Lumia , Lumia , and Lumia Support is also coming for other PureView Lumia smartphones. Our talented and passionate team is uniquely placed in this modern setup to deliver our promise of reliable, beautifully crafted and fun Nokia phones for consumers across the globe. If HMD is planning on taking on the smartphone market in earnest, it will need to find a real key differentiator in what is already a mature-verging-on-ageing and difficult to penetrate market.

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Ericsson reckons it has finally got the hang of this partnership business https: Think tank suggests UK is 'naive' to trust Huawei https: We're simpler, faster and cheaper - Huawei https: The call dropped twice. Furious, I turned the Nokia off, put it back in the box and went on a reckless data bender. A week later I was hooked again and ready to send the Nokia back. Against my better judgment, I decided to give the experiment another go. I went to work on the iMessage problem. After another two hours of minute technical maneuvers that would have made MacGyver proud, I finally figured it out.

Over the next week, more and more, I stopped reaching for my iPhone. I began to recover a lost instinct for directions. When I made my bed, I sent my hidden Nokia flying across the room, splitting it into three.

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But reassembly was simple, and free. I started to use a real, plastic credit card to buy things. On the subway, listening to a podcast, I conquered the temptation to bounce between other apps. I was paying attention to everything — even my kids. I watched proper TV shows without straying, I read actual books without swiping and I enjoyed more shared experiences with my wife. And as a bonus, I was able to harass her when she was browsing Instagram.

And so here I am, smartphone-free , most of the time. I do feel a little left out, which is probably inevitable considering how closely culture and smartphone tech are tied. During the Oscars there was a promo: But this time, it dawned on me that in some sense, I had less. I feel the fear of missing out.

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Things are slower too, less instantaneous. People seem less inclined to share links or photos. But access is still there: I get a quick shot of dopamine and I feel immediately guilty. So I do what I need and turn it off.

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Clawing back a degree of autonomy is what I set out to do. It is, in short, pathetic. I decided to find out. The dumbest idea of all time? One reviewer said: And then the magic started to happen. Paying attention Over the next week, more and more, I stopped reaching for my iPhone.